Reliability, skill and efficiency.

TSA Tanker Shipping.

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Large enough
to get the job done.
Small enough to care
that it’s done right.

Since our start in 1992, TSA Tanker Shipping has built our business on three essential cornerstones: reliability, skill and efficiency. These principles guide every aspect of everything that TSA Tanker Shipping does. Through the years, we have provided competitive tanker brokerage services to almost every type of actor in the shipping industry.

Our specialist tanker transportation services cover:

  • Chartering for bitumen, pitch, coal-tar, vegetable oil,
    as well as chemical and petroleum product transportation.
  • Operation of sophisticated CPP and bitumen tankers.
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Who we are, what we do, and why you should care. In the professional shipbroking industry, trust and reliability are everything…

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Ship capacity, location, and availability.


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All pertinent info about ship particulars, from capacity and class to tanks and thrusters.